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Women in Bodysuit

Cellulite Banisher


Banish pesky cellulite dimples and orange peel textured skin on the booty and thighs with a combination of treatment modalities that may include Colombian wood therapy, cupping, radio frequency, electroporation of skin tightening serums, and laser lipolysis. A custom treatment plan will be created for your unique needs. Choose the front or back of the legs or both. A range of 4-12 sessions will be recommended depending on the grade of cellulite being treated.


360 Waist Sculpting


Get that cinched waist you’ve always dreamed of! This includes both the abdomen and mid/low back. Combination of treatment modalities may include ultrasonic cavitation, radio frequency, lymphatic drainage, wood therapy, rf vacuum therapy, electroporation of fat dissolving serums, and Laser Lipolysis. A custom treatment plan will be created for your unique needs. A range of how many sessions you may need will be determined at your first appointment.


Non-Invasive Booty Lift


Plump and lift your Booty using a combination of radio frequency, booty cupping, rf vacuum therapy, wood therapy, and electroporation of gluteox and messomuscle to visibly firm, lift, tone, and build the booty at the muscular level. The number of sessions required to obtain your desired results will be determined at your first appointment.


HIFU Body Skin Tightening


Tighten your skin dramatically using high intensity focused ultrasound technology. Ultrasound is pulsed through the skin like a laser, targeting dermal layers and inducing collagen production and skin remodeling. Treat loose sagging skin on the abdomen, thighs, upper knees, back of arms, and bra bulge. Zero downtime and minimal to no pain. Results begin to show after 8-12 weeks. Most clients only need 1-3 treatments that may be repeated once every 6 months depending on desired results and severity of skin laxity. Must not have any metal implants including metal/copper IUDs or pacemakers in the body to receive treatment.


Laser Lipolysis add on


Laser lipolysis destroys fat cells that are eliminated using infrared low light therapy. Add 30 min of laser lipo on 1 designated area such as abdomen, thighs, or arms to any facial, lash, brow, or permanent makeup treatment that is 40 min or longer.

RF Microneedling Stretch Mark Revisio

Pricing varies depending on size of treatment areas

RF microneedling utilizes ultrafine needles, along with LED lights emitting radiofrequency waves, to produce thermal energy. The process involves stimulating the repair response, while encouraging the body’s ability to naturally produce collagen. This specialized procedure targets stretch marks resulting in smoother texture and lightening of darker pigment to restore stretch marks to blend into the surrounding skin. Number of treatments vary on the severity of stretch marks being treated.

There is 5-7 days downtime where sun exposure, swimming, workouts, and sauna need to be avoided. This treatment is the same technology as potenza or Morpheus8.

*Must not have metal implants in the body

HIFU Body Contouring and Skin tightening

Pricing varies depending on treatment areas

Non invasive body contouring using high intensity focused ultrasound technology. Ultrasound is pulsed through the skin similar to a laser, targeting fat layers resulting in permanent destruction of fat cells while simultaneously tightening skin in areas being treated. Abdomen, love handles, inner and outer thighs, back of arms, and bra bulge may be treated. Zero downtime and painless with up to 19% fat reduction in just one treatment! Results begin to show around 8 weeks and continues to improve up to 6 months following treatment.

*Must not have metal implants in the body. 

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